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Rental Department Closed

Effective immediately, Alpha Video has closed its Rental Services department.

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Panasonic AG-DVX100B

Panasonic AG-DVX100B
Panasonic AG-DVX100B
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1/3 3-CCD Mini DV Camcorder Supports 480i/60 (NTSC), Cinema-Style 480p/24fps, and 480p/30fps image capture. IEEE 1394 FireWire in/out. Gain Boost up to 12dB and Color Bars in Progressive Mode. Switch between Progressive and Interlaced Mode instantly.

16:9 Aspect Display Mode on EVF and LCD for distortion free Squeeze Mode or Anamorphic Display
• Higher resolution 210,000 pixel flip-out 270 degree 3.5" LCD display with superimposed audio metering
• Remote focus and iris control with optional VariZoom controller(s) and others
• LCD panel has a bit of a break-away beyond the 90 degree point
• Single Button Display Character Off for LCD and EVF
• Scene files transfer over FireWire
• Time code transfers over Firewire
• 1/3" 3-CCD Mini-DV camcorder with exclusive CineSwitchTM technology
• Outstanding sensitivity of F11 @ 2000 lux
• Supports 480i/60 (NTSC), Cinema-style 480p/24fps, and 480p/30fps image capture
• Precision wide-angle Leica Dicomar lens with Servo/Manual Zoom (with stops & barrel markings)
• Auto/manual focus F1.6 with 72mm filter size and advanced optical image stabilization
• Conventional 4:3 aspect ratio and 16:9 letterbox image capture modes
• 16 x 9 anamorphic - letterbox and digital squeeze
• Conventional video gamma and CineGammaTM operational modes
• Seven gamma settings - L, M, H, CINE-LIKE, + CINE-LIKE D, CINE-LIKE V, Black Press