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Sony HXC-D70H Two Camera Broadcast System

Sony HXC-D70H Two Camera Broadcast System
Sony HXC-D70H Two Camera Broadcast System
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This is the full studio configuration package for this camera, with 2 cameras, including lenses, lens drives, color 5" HD studio viewfinders (Sony DXFC50WA), CCUs (Sony RCP1500), CCU cables, a Leader SD waveform/vectorscope, a dual SD/HD Marshall color 7" monitor, and your choice of a triple Marshall color SD monitor or a Sony quad SD black and white monitor. Perfect for your 2 camera HD/SD system needs, or to compliment your existing system. This is also available as a single camera system.

• Selectable SD/HD format

• Compact and light weight

• Ergonomic Design

• The HXC-D70 camera system offers flexibility and provides an ideal solution for migration from SD to HD (Inherited basic user interface from DXC SERIES camera system)

• Offering Excellent Picture Quality through the use of Sony's advanced technologies for 2/3" Exmor C-MOS sensor and a high performance digital signal processing including wide-band down converter both in camera and CCU

• Variety of picture adjustment functions including, Skin-tone detail, Selection of Multiple Gamma+Hyper-gamma, Knee-Saturation, Adaptive Matrix, Color Saturation, Low Key saturation, Lens aberration compensation, 2x digital video extender. Auto Focus (Fujinon 16x lens), Focus assist functions